Science and Humanities

The Science and Humanities Scholars Program is an undergraduate curricular program innovatively designed for students to develop interest and showcase their achievements in the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, or social sciences. The program is based on a special general education core that provides an academic base.

Faculty Overview

Dr. Amit Pratap Singh
Assistant Professor, Chemistry | Department of Applied Sciences

Phone: +91 1127787495 (O), +91 7838256236 (M)
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Research Interest :

Design and Synthesis of new Porous materials with metal skeleton and their application in cataysis, chemical technology, and host-guest chemistry (molecular adsorption and molecular recognition), electrical, optical and magnetic properties.

Dr. V. S. Pandey | IIT BHU
Physics, Assistant Professor

Dr. Dharmendra Tripathi | IIT BHU
Mathematics, Assistant Professor
Dr. Suman Srivastava | CSIR-CDRI
Chemistry, Assistant Professor
Dr. T V K Gupta | IIT K
Mechanical, Assistant Professor
Dr. Nidhi Dureja | IITD
Chemistry, Assistant Professor
Dr. Shakira Khan | AMU
Humanities, Assistant Professor
Dr. Kushal Sharma | NIT Kurukshetra
Mathematics, Assistant Professor