Hostel should be a comfortable place to stay where the students can have the feeling of home. NIT Delhi has separate hostel facilities for around 750 boys (SRHC Hostel, NILERD Hostel, Dhauladhar Hostel) land 270 girls (Yamuna Hostel). NIT Delhi has four boys’ hostels (2 AC hostels and 2 non-AC hostels) and one girls’ hostel (AC/Non-AC Hostel) with all the facilities for boarding and other recreational activities. The hostels have their own well- equipped mess along with night canteen to provide good and hygienic food to the students. Quality purified water is pro-vided to the students using RO systems. A separate TV room, indoor games room and reading room are provided in the Girls’ and Boys’ Hostel. Full time resident Wardens and caretakers separately are available to take care of hostellers and to maintain the discipline under the supervision of a Chief Warden. 24 hours security service with guards and CCTV and power backup is provided for the hostel.

Boys Hostel:-

  1. Dhauladhar Boys Hostel –capacity of 381 students (AC & Non-AC)
  2. NILERD Boys Hostel  – Capacity of 209 Students (AC & Non-AC)
  3. SRHC Boys Hostel 3- Capacity of 84 students (Non-AC)
  4. SRHC Boys Hostel 4- Capacity of 76 students (Non-AC)

Girls Hostel

  1. Yamuna Girls Hostel – Capacity of 270 students (AC & Non-AC)

Following are the other facilities provided in the hostels –

  • Fully furnished and spacious rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi and a computer room
  • Visiting room
  • Air Conditioner & Heater Room
  • Geezers and water coolers
  • Playground for outdoor games
  • First aid facility
  • Institute vehicle is available 24 hours for medical emergency
  • Washing machine facilities and Paid laundry service
  • Cafeteria in the academic area as well as in the hostel premises
  • Bus facilities from hostels to the Institute
  • Availability of Electricians and Plumber.
  • Indoor Gym in both Boys’ Hostel.


Hostel Administration
Name Designation Email Contact Number (Office):
Dr. VS Pandey Chief Warden 01133861258
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Associate Chief warden 01133861155
Dr. VS Pandey Chief Proctor 01133861182
Mr. Rajeev Office of Chief Warden
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Warden, Dhauladhar Hostel 01133861187
Dr. Ashok Kumar Dewangan Warden, Dhauladhar Hostel 01133861223
Dr. Preeti Verma Warden, Yamuna Hostel 9717063730
Dr. D.Vaithiyanathan Warden, NILERD Hostel 011-33861154
Dr. Sachin Agarwal Warden, SRHC Hostel 011-33861158
Mr. Naman Sharma Associate Warden, Dhauladhar Hostel 9816397690
Mr. Umakant Sharma Associate Warden, Dhauladhar Hostel 9252430780
Mr. Krishan Pal Associate Warden, NILERD Hostel 8588848345
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Associate Warden, NILERD Hostel 8219181162
Mr. Raj Kumar Associate Warden, SRHC Hostel 7289882955
Mr. Faquir Chand Associate Warden, SRHC Hostel 7009683125

Hostel Rules and Regulations : Click Here


Dhauladhar Boys Hostel (In permanent campus)                                    NILERD boys Hostel (In old Campus)

SRHC Boys Hostel (Narela)                                                       Yamuna Girls Hostel (In permanent Campus)

Boys Hostel Mess                                                                Girls Hostel Mess