Windows Server [WinSvrStd 2012R2 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc 2Proc (P73-06272),WinSvrCAL 2012 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc DvcCAL(R18-04271)]
03 Nos. (500 Users)
RedHat Enterprise Linux Server ES 6.x Premium (64 bit) (1-2 SoC/1G)
03 Nos.
Cadence Software Cadence University Research Bundle Complete Analog & Digital Front end & back end tools for Research, 3 years license.
10 Users
QualNet for Five years with three base libraries (Multimedia and Enterprises, Wireless, Developer)Cellular,Sensor Urban,UMTS, Wimax.
01 Nos. (10 Users)
NetSim Standard Version 8.0 [Versatile tool to simulate & analyze computer networks with modeling facility. NetSim Standard version is specially designed for project work and research (Includes Protocols: Aloha, Slotted Aloha, Token Bus, Token Ring, CSMA / CD, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, Switching, Wireless LAN – 802.11 a / b / g, Routing – RIP, OSPF, BGP, TCP, UDP, MPLS, Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET), Wi-Max, GSM, CDMA, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Zigbee, Cognitive Radios , LTE etc.) Net Patrol – Real time packet capture, Network Programming Exercises in C / C++ / Java, 26 exercises including ARP, CIDR, cryptography, Distance vector routing, Error correction codes, Error detection codes, Framing sequence, MLMA, PC to PC communication Scheduling, shortest path, ransmission flow control. Packet Trace and Event Trace Should be available in tab ordered .txt format for easy post processing Protocol Library Source Codes with Documentation Protocol primitive C source and appropriate protocol header files with extensive documentation. Simulation-in-the-loop debug facility using Visual Studio also supported. Development Environment Users can write their own code and link their code to the software for a set of primitives.] (Animated Basics & Packet Animator), (10 Academics + 5 Research = 15 Users)
15 Users
RSoft Optisih V 2014.09 Software for 3 Year Term Network Academic License (Windows 7/8 or Higher Ver.) Optional Add-on Modules ModeSYS, OptSIM Circuit
10 Users
TCAD (Synopsys EDA Tool for TCAD Consisting of : 4458-0 Synopsys Asia Pac Advance (3D) TCAD (University Bundle-05 Licensees) 3 Year TSL, Network Floating )
01 Nos.
MATLAB, Simulink Tools
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Adobe Photoshop
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