Physics laboratory

Equipped with the basic/advanced experiments related to Optics, Physics, and Electronic Science. The lab is also having the research facilities in the field of Optics and microwave
Specific Equipment and Instruments Available

S. No. Name of Instrument
1 Muffle Furnace
2 Distillation assembly with heating mantle
3 Ice flacking machine
4 UV fluorescence analysis cabinet
5 Hydrothermal oven
6 Rotary evaporator
7 Fluorescence spectrometer
8 UV-Vis spectrometer
9 IR-spectrometer
10 GC-MS
11 Hydraulic Press
12 TGA & DSC
13 Vector Network Analyzer
14 Microwave signal generator ranging from 100KHz to 26.5GHz

Prospective Equipment and Instruments (to be available in the end of August 2017)

Light sources – Lasers (632.8nm and 1550nm), Laser diode modules (400nm – 700nm), LED’s covering the 400nm to 980nm wavelength

Camera – CCD and CMOS camera

Optics – Wide range of optical components (visible range) for exp. Lens, mirrors, beam splitters etc.

Fibers – Fiber spool, splitters, couplers and connectors, Optical amplifier

Mounts – Opto-mechanical mounts for assembling the set-up in free space as well as in a cage system, Vibration isolation table.