Chemistry laboratory

Equipped with experiments related to inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

Specific Equipment and Instruments Available

S. No. Name of Instrument
1 Muffle Furnace
2 Distillation assembly with heating mantle
3 Ice flacking machine
4 UV fluorescence analysis cabinet
5 Hydrothermal oven
6 Rotary evaporator
7 Fluorescence spectrometer
8 UV-Vis spectrometer
9 IR-spectrometer
10 GC-MS
11 Hydraulic Press
12 TGA & DSC
13 Vector Network Analyzer
14 Microwave signal generator ranging from 100KHz to 26.5GHz

Prospective Equipment and Instruments (to be available in the end of August 2017)

Light sources – Lasers (632.8nm and 1550nm), Laser diode modules (400nm – 700nm), LED’s covering the 400nm to 980nm wavelength

Camera – CCD and CMOS camera

Optics – Wide range of optical components (visible range) for exp. Lens, mirrors, beam splitters etc.

Fibers – Fiber spool, splitters, couplers and connectors, Optical amplifier

Mounts – Opto-mechanical mounts for assembling the set-up in free space as well as in a cage system, Vibration isolation table.