The department has Laboratories for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. The infrastructure available includes two air conditioned Portable Cabins with 15 computer systems and a classroom. The laboratories have the internet facilities and software for CAD/CAM.


The department has following software for CAE useful for design and analysis purpose of research problems:



Note: There is NO limitation on the Nodes.

  1. ANSYS Multiphysics – A general purpose FEA Tool with the following capabilities;
  • Structural
  • Thermal
  • Fluid
  • Electrical
  • Electro Magnetics – Low Frequency
  • Coupled Field Analysis
  1. ANSYS CFX – CFD analysis software that uses a FE based Control Volume Formulation.
  1. ANSYS FLUENT—Powerful CFD solver based on Finite Volume Method.

This includes advanced modules of Population Balance & NOX.

  1. ANSYS ICEM CFD –Universal Pre & Post Processor and Advanced Mesh Generation Tool.
  1. ANSYS® AUTODYN®-Software is an explicit analysis tool for modeling nonlinear

dynamics of solids, fluids and gases as well as their interaction.

  1. ANSYS Workbench – A cluster of Simulation and analysis software which includes;
  • Design Modeler – Parametric based modeling software.
  • Meshing – Physics based meshing Tool.
  • Resources (Engineering Data) – ANSYS Workbench materials database.
  • DesignXplorer – Optimize design parameters using DOE, VT & Six Sigma.
  • DesignSpace – Conceptualize, design and validate your ideas using knowledge based simulation.
  • ANSYS Fatigue Module- Simulates Structural Performance under cyclic loading conditions.
  • Rigid Body Dynamics – Rigid body and mixed flexible/rigid body structural dynamics.
  • ANSYS User Programmable Features (USER300,ect) – user-programmable elements available when using the traditional (PREP7) interface.
  • Finite Element Modeler – Convert any FE model into ANSYS FE Model.
  • ANSYS CFD Post: A common Post Processor for ANSYS CFX & ANSYS FLUENT.
  • ANSYS Polyflow: A FE based CFD Software for modelling viscoelastic/Plastics fluids.
  1. Additional Features
  • MCAD Connections-Allows Direct imports from other CAD packages.
  • High Performance Computing-Sixteen Nodes Parallel Processing.
  • ANSYS Academic CFD Turbo Tools: Consists of Blade Modeler and TuboGrid: Specialized blade/turbo machinery pre-processing products intended for use with ANSYS CFX.

To create real life prototype models of designs 3D printer facility is available in the CAM Laboratory which uses additive manufacturing technology of advanced quality manufacturing.