Head of the Departments

Photo Name and Department Contact (s)

Name:  Dr. Shelly Sachdeva

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Phone (o): +911133861124

Email: hodcs@nitdelhi.ac.in


Name: Dr.Vivek Shrivastava

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Phone (o): +911133861186

Email: hodee@nitdelhi.ac.in

  Name: Dr. Manisha Bharti

Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Phone (o): +911133861150

Email: hodec@nitdelhi.ac.in


Name: Dr. Abhishek Mishra

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Phone (o): +911133861212

Email: hodme@nitdelhi.ac.in


Name: Dr. Ajay Kumar

Department: Civil Engineering

Phone (o): +917549990794

Email: hodce@nitdelhi.ac.in

  Name: Dr. Amit Pratap Singh

Department: Applied Sciences

Phone (o): +911133861256

Email: hodas@nitdelhi.ac.in