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Total Research Project at NIT Delhi: 36
Total Amount of Research Project at NIT Delhi: ₹85661752.9

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1Investigations on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based optical sensing with an emphasis on the role of spin waves and magnonics in related materials27/12/2019 3 YearsSERB GRANT No. CRG/2019/002636Core Research GrantNITDASDr. Anuj Kumar Sharma---2044185Ongoing
2Development of portable near dry electric discharge machining18/06/2019 2 YearsTEQIP-III CRS ID- 1-5755935301(Collaborative Research Scheme-AICTE)NITDMEDr. Leeladhar Nagdeve---895000Completed
3Fretting fatigue and fretting wear behaviour of Titanium Foam under simulated body fluid environment18/06/2019 2 YearsTEQIP-III CRS ID- 1-5755935341(Collaborative Research Scheme-AICTE)Shri G.S. Instt. of Technology & Science, Indore, MPMEDr. Ram Singer YadavNITDMEDr. Leeladhar Nagdeve1938000Completed
4Higher-Order DC-DC Converters for Power Management of DC Nano-Grid in Futuristic Smart Buildings01.10.2016 3 YearsSERB GRANT No. ECR/2016/001141Early Career Research Award - Startup GrantNITDEEDr. Anmol Ratna Saxena---4698100Completed
5Periodic Mesoporous Organosillcas (PMOs) supported Group 2 Metal Catalysts for various Organic transformation Reactions30/04/2013 6 YearsDST IFA12-CH-83INSPIRE Faculty AwardNITDASDr. Amit Pratap Singh---3500000Completed
6Design and Synthesis of Porous Materials with Active Sites and their Application in Gas Storage and Catalysis30/06/2014 3 YearsSERB GRANT NO. CS-069/2014Start-up Research GrantNITDASDr. Amit Pratap Singh---2468000Completed
7Mathematical Model for Multidimentional Multilayer Networks using Quantum Mechanics11/02/2020 3 YearsSERB GRANT MTR/2019/000631MATRICSNITDCSDr. Anurag Singh---660000Ongoing
8Development of Dynamic Mathematical Modeling for COVID-19 SPREAD and Containment09/07/2020 1 YearSERB GRANT MSC/2020/000500Short-term MATRICS special callNITDCSDr. Anurag Singh---550000Completed
9Speech biometric based student authentication system18-06-2019 3 YearsTEQIP-III CRS ID 1-5759041306Collaborative Research Scheme - AICTEBundelkhand Instt. of Engg. & Technology, Jhansi, UPECDr. Bhanu PriyaNITDECDr. Sandeep Kumar843000Completed
10Projection of Wave Power in Indian Ocean and its Utilization along the Coastal Regions22.03.2022 1 YearSERB GRANT No. CRG/2021/003654Core Research GrantNITDASDr. Prashant Kumar---2454360Ongoing
11Influence of natural climate variabilities over the extreme wave climate in Indian Ocean accessed by the re-analyses and CMIP5 model data25.07.2018 3 YearsMoES/36/OOIS/Extra/69/2018Oceanographic ResearchNITDASDr. Prashant KumarNITDASDr. V.S. Pandey2230000Completed
12Modeling and simulation of moored ship motion in Paradip port under the resonance conditions for multidirectional random waves.04.07.2017 3 YearsSERB GRANT NO. ECR/2016/001680Early Career Research AwardNITDASDr. Prashant Kumar---1802240Completed
13Design and Development of Detection and Extinguishing Systems for Forest Fire using Sensor Networks, Aerial and Ground Robots23.01.2018 3 YearsIBCD DST/INT/SL/P-19/2016Indo-Sri Lanka Joint Research ProgrammeCSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, DelhiCSIR-CSIO Delhi CentreDr. Paramita GuhaNITDEEDr. Pankaj Mukhija2968000Completed
14Development of Non-contact type method for heart vibration parameters' estimation for sleep disorder breathing analysis15.07.2019 2 YearsDAAD DST/INT/DAAD/P-20/2019International Division DSTNITDEEDr. Sachin Singh---247000Completed
15CARS on Feasibility study of Distributed Buried Fiber Optics Intrusion Detection (FOID) for Perimeter Surveillance25.08.2019 1 YearLASTEC/P&C/1172/CARS-25/2018LASTEC -DRDONITDASDr. Gyanendra Sheoran---900000Completed
16Development of Near Infrared Spectrometer for Plant Diseases Detection.31.01.2019 4 YearsDST/TDT/DDP-09/2018-GCapital ComponentNITDASDr. Gyanendra Sheoran---9912855Ongoing
17In-situ Digital Holographic Tomography of Subsurface Microstructure of Artwork 2019 3 YearsDST/TDT/SHRI-07/2018(G)Scheme - SHRINITDASDr. Gyanendra Sheoran---1300000Ongoing
18Development of Nanoantenna Sensor for Infrared Detection 2019 3 YearsDST/TDT/DDP-14/2018(C)Scheme - DDPHansraj College, University of Delhi, DelhiChemistryDr. Brijesh RathiNITDASDr. Gyanendra Sheoran3700000Completed
19Stability and Convection in Magnetic Nanofluids 2016 3 YearsNo. 25(0255)/16/EMR-IICSIRNITDASDr. Amit Mahajan---1684511Completed
20Investigation of extreme events in Indian summer monsoon rainfall and future projections of the Indian Summer monsoon09.03.2017 3 YearsDST/CCP/NCM/74/2017DST-CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAMME (SPLICE)Instt. of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of AllahabadAtmospheric & Ocean StudiesDr. Vivek Kumar PandeyNITDASDr. V.S. Pandey5078040Completed
21Analysis and design of plasmon-based photonic devices utilizing enhanced light absorption in metallic nanostructure01.08.2018 2 Years03(1441)/19/EMR-II)CSIRNITDASDr. Anuj Kumar Sharma---1665655.9Completed
22TRIP AID - Travel Risk Information in a Pandemic using Artificial Intelligence Development08.01.2021CO/B/FP/G110/2020(C)NCSTC/DSTDelhi Technological University (DTU), DelhiCSDr. Rahul KataryaNITDCSDr. Shelly Sachdeva1251000Ongoing
23High-responsivity GeSn short wave infrared phototransistors04.01.2016 3 YearsGITA/DST/TWN/P-63/2015India-Taiwan programme in Science & TechnologyUniversity of CalcuttaRadio Physics & ElectronicsDr. Bratati MukhopadhyayNITDECDr. Rikmantra Basu3373500Completed
24Design of Electronic and Photonic Devices Using Ge1-x Snx Alloy : An Emerging Group IV Semiconductor Material, and Investigation of Physical Processes of the Devices.01.05.2017 3 YearsSERB GRANT ECR/2017/000794Early Career Research AwardNITDECDr. Rikmantra Basu---2568480Completed
25Investigation of Group IV Semiconductor Alloy (Ge/Ge1-x Snx)/ Graphene based Detector Devices for Bio Medical and Defence Applications14.06.2021 3 YearsSERB CRG/2020/002966Core Research GrantNITDECDr. Rikmantra Basu---2310332Ongoing
26Mitigation of Smart Home Challenges with Integration of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources, Vehicle to Home (V2H): Mission 2022July 2019-July 2022 (3 years)-Collaborative Research Scheme - AICTEMCE MotihariEEEMr. Utkarsh RajNITDEEDr. Manoj Kumawat1784000Completed
27PV fed IOT based Speed Sensorless Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive for Water PumpingJuly 2019 - July 2022 3 years-Collaborative Research Scheme - AICTEBHAGALPUR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ,BHAGALPUREEDr. Rakesh KumarMCE MotihariEEDr. Manoj Kumawat1264000Completed
28Nonlinear dynamic analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotubes reinforced composite laminates using refined shear deformation theory 2017 - 2020-DST SERBNITD-Dr. Ajay Kumar---770000
29Attenuation relationship for estimating peak ground acceleration in Patna 2018-20-NPIUNITD-Dr. Ajay Kumar---1283000
30Agile Modeling of SMART CITY – “a fusion of IoT and Big Data”Dec. 2017 - Dec. 2020 (3 years)-CNRSNITD-Dr. Karan Verma---3500000
31Big Data Analytics in VANETJune 2019 - Dec. 2020 2 Years-MOSTNITD-Dr. Karan Verma---2800000
32Secure Healthcare surveillance using smart IoT device June 2019 - Dec. 2020 2 Years-(TEQIP-III) – NPIUNITD-Dr. Karan Verma---1100000
33Computational Techniques based investigation for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Complications16-12-2022 3 YearsSERB GRANT No. EEQ/2022/000561Empowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in ScienceNITDCSDr. Chandra Prakash---3999430Ongoing
34MHD Waves and flows interaction and its possible role in heating the solar coronal plasma and its diagnostics 2023SERB-DST-NITDASDr. Vinay Kumar Pandey---1928696Ongoing
35Development of flexible white organic light emitting diodes FWOLEDs 2023DSTDSTNITDASDr. Vinay Kumar Pandey (Mentor)---3790368Ongoing
36Open-source unmanned aerial vehicle simulation01-03-2023 -- March 2025-IUSSTFNITDCSDr. Karan VermaUniversity of Californian, DavislaCSProf. Rao2400000Ongoing


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